Crusaders News · Miles 4 Marissa Charity Run/Walk

On behalf of Parkersburg High School, Parkersburg Catholic would like to advertise the Miles 4 Marissa Run, to take place on April 13th at Stadium Field.

In 2013, following an unexpected complication of a congenital heart abnormality, people of the Parkersburg community were devastated by the loss of 12 year old student, athlete, and joy, Marissa Miller. Marissa touched the lives of all who met her, continues to inspire people today, and most notably leaves behind the words, “Be Kind, Work Hard, Have Fun”. Following her passing, a Scholarship Fund was created through the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation in order to help a student athlete (a 12th grader from Parkersburg High School) financially with furthering their education upon graduation. Marissa Miller would have been in the graduating class of 2019 from Parkersburg High School. The funds raised by the Miles 4 Marissa Walk/Run will go to assuring the Marissa Miller Scholarship can be continued indefinitely so students can be reminded of her legacy of humanity for years to come.”

The passing of Marissa greatly affected many kids and adults around the community, including friends here at PCHS. The Class of 2019 and the school community feel this is a great opportunity for the Parkersburg Catholic family to remember and celebrate the life of Marissa Miller. Participation, sponsorship, and one-time donation forms can all be found in the link below, including details about race day.

PCHS greatly encourages you to contribute to the scholarship fund, helping students for years to come, as well as joining the Parkersburg community in celebration and remembrance.


“Be Kind, Work Hard, Have Fun.” -Marissa Miller